Adult Art Classes in Saint John

Welcome to our Saint John Uptown Art School (Virtual & in-studio) for adults and seniors

Choose how you want to study at High Tide Art School. In our Studio in Saint John Uptown or in the Virtual classroom using Zoom.


?Welcome to In-Class Adult and Seniors Classes in Saint John Uptown Art Studio.

?Virtual Adult Art Classes online using ZOOM will continue (included in-studio classes) in Saint John Uptown, for remote students and those who enjoy using the Zoom app. Click on the “Tuition” Section for more details.

? You can start Summer Term 2021 anytime for the Wednesday adult evening group. (see choices on the “Tuition” Section)

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High Tide Arts school offers a range of adult art classes (groups, #socialpainting, art and wine events, casual art workshops, and private tuition).

If you are an adult seeking regular art classes in Saint John NB, we combine both drawing and painting tuition with an added online learning materials, which are accessible free to all enrolled students. Each student decides on their own medium(s) and curriculum pathway.

?High Tide Arts school Classes for Adults operate out of the High Tide Art School Art  Studios in Saint John Uptown, close to City Market, highway, Aquatic Centre.

?During the pandemic period, classes are offered also as virtual via

?Drawing practice at home is encouraged in all students as greater eye/hand/brain co-ordination is developed leading to a far more effective experience when creating / painting.

?Students start the term group classes by setting their own individual goals. Everyone works at their own level with High Tide Art School and they each receive tuition and guidance according to their plans and goals.

? For more information on Virtual Art classes using ZOOM, check our “ZOOM” section

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?For adult or seniors casual drawing classes and painting classes, “Tuition” section, or email us to register for future casual scheduling at info[@]

?Once a term begins there are no refunds or hours owed for sessions that you missed, however, an effort is always made where possible to find hours in another group when time is lost due to illness.

?Seniors’ Arts runs one three-hour workshop weekly, on Monday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm with 6 attendings maximum or on Wednesday from 10:00 am to 1:00 or from 6pm to 8pm.
?Art classes focus on diverse creative techniques including painting, drawing, lino-printing, and more. Seniors’ Arts provides seniors with opportunities to feel welcome and included in their community while being creative and active.

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Virtual Casual Art Classes  – Art & Wine online & in-studio painting events

?    No painting experience is necessary! Those with some experience will certainly find it fulfilling as well. 

?   Our themes and art instructors are well facilitated and flexible with custom tweaks and choices possible.

?    We will supply you with a file to print and transfer onto the canvases in those with more  complex designs

?    See each page for projects materials required, order art materials in advance then book a date visit this page if kids and adults are participating together

We offer Casual Art Classes because we discovered over the years that not all art lovers want to use the ‘S’ word (study) or the ‘L’ word (learning), maybe not even the ‘C’ word (class). In these fun virtual sessions, you can book a theme, order the materials and make a time to join your art teacher



?  For the social creative fun seeker, perhaps a casual art project with wine & food (or coffee and cake) would be right up your alley?? Finish an impressive painting (we can provide materials locally and artistic direction in 2, 3, or 4 hours sessions, choosing from a range of popular themes.) You just need to join us on your iPad or laptop for creative assistance step by step, using the Zoom conferencing app. Distant participants can order their art materials locally (most practical if you are planning more than one of these sessions)

?  These casual sessions fit into the vibe of Sip and Paint, Art and Wine, Cocktails and Canvas, Coffee and Collage, Paint for Fun, Drinks, and Drawing which are generally popular all around the globe. (see our growing theme pages below). The defining edge of our sessions is the advanced designs and the handy discounted canvas upgrades (size/ format, frames etc).

Since going virtual, we can still give you a fantastic creative experience in your own home.

?  For virtually hosted,  private painting party bookings  (numbers 3-10) , please ph (506) 777-1817 or email *Pick your own theme.

Choose your Class

?Monday Morning Seniors Class – 12 wk term.  $59 per one week ( three 45 min. lessons ) In-Class.
(Payment in two equal installments).

?Wednesday Morning Seniors Class – 12 wk term. $59 per one week ( three 45 min. lessons ) In-Class.
(Payment in two equal installments )

?Wednesday Night Adult Class. Class open from 6 9:30pm.12 wk term. $59 per one week ( three 45 min. lessons )In-Class. Come to class according to your schedule. (Payment in two equal installments )

?Private tuition. Morning or Night. $60/Hour

?ZOOM Tuesday Morning Seniors Class – 12 wk term. $39 per one week ( three 45 min. ZOOM lessons )
(Payment in two equal installments)

?ZOOM Friday Morning Seniors Class – 12 wk term. $39 per one week ( three 45 min. ZOOM lessons ).
(Payment in two equal installments)

?ZOOM Thursday Night Adult Class. 7pm – 9:30pm. – 12 wk term. 44 per one week ( three 45 min. ZOOM lessons ).
(Payment in two equal installments)

Make your choice of payment options
?For 12 weeks. Pay $39 per one week and save $120
?For every 4 weeks. Pay $49 per one week.

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