Animation for kids and teens Certificate Course

Animation for kids and teens Certificate Course

coding for kids in Toronto and MississaugaImagine your children can create their own cartoons.  Just a few weeks after the start of the course, your children will be able to draw their own characters and help them start their own lives. They learn how to use the same technique and the same software that was used to create the famous Spongebob cartoon.

They will learn to work in a team, as members of a group of animators and together with friends will create their own stop-motion-animated short film according to their own scripts.

Animation for teens Course

  Course Information

This Animation for teens courses  – a unique opportunity for your children to have an unforgettable experience of creativity, working on real projects as a team with their friends.

Who this course is for:

This course is for teens who love computers and are interested in computer Animation and want to create own animated movie.


 Duration and costs:

This “Animation for kids and teens” Summer course is designed for 12 weeks.

24 weeks during the school year September – July.

 Classes are held ones a week.

 Two lessons of 45 minutes each. (5 min. break between lessons with organic juice and sneck ).


  Tuition is $59.00 per one week.


 For kids and teens from 8 to 18 years old.

Students must have a laptop with Windows operation system and bring it to class.

 Start time:

Summer courses start on July 1, 2020.

Regular courses start on September 1, 2020.

  The number of students:

6 – 8 students per class.

Two teachers per class.

1:5 ratio

1:5 ratio Teacher to Student ratio, or better. All instructors are police-checked, triple-reference checked, and highly trained.

 Certificate of Course Completion

Upon completion of a course, a Certificate will be issued. A course completion certificate says you have attended all the classes required, pass all the tests required and handed in all the work required.


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 What Students Learn

  • Learn basic animation skills and the fundamentals of storytelling.
  • Discover how to create stop-motion animation.
  • Develop basic cartoon-drawing skills.
  • Learn how to develop a cartoon and create a character.
  • Learn how to use Toon Boom Harmony, a professional animation software.

  What Students Create

  • Digital illustrations and simple drawings.
  • Storyboards and project plans for their animation projects.
  • 2D animated short films using keyframes and simple drawings.
  • A stop-motion animated film using clay and props.
  • A final animation reel that shows off their work as well as their final project.

  What Software students will use


Create animated cartoons just like the pros. Learn the basics of animation as you draw your own characters and bring them to life with code.You will use visual programming to control the speed and type of animation as you add animals, dragons, monsters, and avatars into your coding projects. Create a portfolio of fun projects including original animated games, cartoon strips, music videos, and interactive worlds to share with friends and family. No prior programming experience required.

Stop Motion Studio


ABCya Animate

Four different course study options available.
Choose that better suits your needs:





(Weekend sessions are available in Toronto and Saint John)

*3 Month Minimum payment to begin the Course. 

How our online class works

1. You choose the time and day convenient for you during the week.

2. You are registered in this class.

3. You get access to training course materials. Among them: presentations, videos, step-by-step instructions for each week.

  3. During a meeting with a teacher in a virtual classroom, you see on your screen how to carry out the next project.

4. You hear the teacher’s explanation and can ask questions.

5. You can communicate with the teacher using the messenger and quickly get an answer to any question.

 6. During the lesson you will be able to show your project to the teacher and other students and see the projects of your fellow students.

 7. You can take tests in our virtual classroom and see your grades.

 8. After completing the course, you will get your Certificate on a mail.

9. Many study projects are real projects from Canadian or American companies.
 10. The most successful projects will be placed in our school’s virtual gallery.


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Course Registration

Registration for regular school year classes has been closed because we have reached the maximum number of registrations for 2019 – 2020 school year.

Registration is OPEN NOW for 2020 – 2021 School year.

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Summer course is designed for 12 weeks. (June – August, 2020)
Summer course will be held at the main office of Teens Computer School in Saint John Uptown and Toronto Downtown

Regular course is designed for 24 weeks and run during the school year (September 2020 – July 2021).
Regular course will be held at the main office of Teens Computer School in Saint John Uptown and Toronto Downtown

Classes are held ones a week in Saint John Uptown & Toronto Downtown. Each class – two lessons of 45 minutes each.


If you live in Toronto or in Saint John then you can sign up for our courses.

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