Family Painting Parties

Family Painting Parties

If you want to organize a virtually facilitated family painting party, just follow a few steps to get ready

🔷 Find out how many are interested, decide on a table/ space that will be a good fit, find old protective clothes for the table and floor. (you can even invite friends/ family who live in other houses to join you online, as long as they can get set up on an internet-connected device with Zoom app and have art materials too. It’s a great birthday party activity as well.

🔷 Order art materials (from a nearby supplier or from our school) as suggested for your chosen project, to get delivered to your home (and get distant participants to order some as well.)

🔷 Choose from our themes (something that everyone will like and find fun). There are those themes more suitable for homes with a printer and others if you don’t have a printer (to use to transfer our drawing). If you are a great drawer, a printer may not be required.

🔷 Read our instructions for preparing to get into our virtual studio on Zoom

🔷 Cost $250 for Virtual Tuition and Creative Facilitation (2-10 participants)

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