Social Media Management Course. How to use Facebook and Twitter for business.

Social Media Management Course. How to use Facebook and Twitter for business. For 14 – 18 years old.

The Big Picture – what’s happening in social media right now?

Understanding online marketing, and why are these and similar platforms important?

Comparing Twitter with Facebook:

–          What are the differences?

–          Are they right for you?

Twitter Basics

  • Setting up your business account
  • Creating a custom background
  • Tweeting and following
  • Following Twitter’s terms of service
  • Twitter basic tricks and tips – hash tags etc
  • Twitter problems – the fail whale, spam and phishing attacks.

Facebook Basics

  • Setting up your personal profile
  • Understanding Facebook
  • Customizing privacy settings
  • Following Facebook’s terms of service

Twitter for Business

  • Tweeting strategically
  • Attracting followers
  • Following the right people
  • Getting re-tweeted
  • Searching for opportunities
  • Cross-promoting your Twitter feed
  • Measuring your impact
  • Third party Twitter applications
  • Desktop Twitter applications

Facebook Pages and Fans

  • Introducing Pages
  • Why are Facebook fan pages important?
  • Good and bad Facebook fan page examples
  • Setting up a Facebook Page
  • Adding content
  • Sending notes to fans
  • Updating your fans
  • Adding administrators and editing settings
  • Linking your blog feed to Facebook
  • Adding apps to your page
  • Promoting your page with events
  • Promoting your page with social ads
  • Promoting your page outside Facebook
  • Measuring page traffic

Facebook Groups and Members

  • Introducing Facebook groups
  • Why are Facebook groups important?
  • Good and bad Facebook group examples
  • Creating a Facebook group
  • Sending inbox messages to group members

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