Venue Partnership – Atlantic’s Canada Cafes, Bars, Restaurants

Thinking of Hosting a Paint and Sip at Your Restaurant, Cafe, or Bar?

High Tide Art School all Atlantic Canada Pop-up Art and Wine Studio. We conduct small – large size (10-50 attendees) painting workshops across all of Atlantic Canada at various local bars, cafes, and restaurants. These include public (ticketed), private, and corporate events. This means that we are constantly on the lookout for new venues to host our publicprivate (hen’s, birthday parties etc.) and corporate events.

High Tide Art School Venue Partners enjoy many perks, as we do the leg work of getting events to your venue and driving awareness and additional footfall for you.

Below we have tried to answer a few of the questions you as a Venue may have. Have a read through and if you are still unclear, contact us using the form at the bottom 🙂

How will the Art and Wine event at your Venue work?

Our artists conduct all the painting workshops, wherein they guide all the participants through the featured painting step-by-step and help them create a masterpiece to take home
The paint and sip event lasts for 1.5 to 2 hrs. While painting the guests enjoy a few drinks/ food which is purchased at your venue/bar
we usually select a time that is not very busy for the venue (weekend afternoons, weekday evenings).

So You as the Venue profit from the additional footfall during downtime (drinks/food sales) and we get a beautiful space to paint – A total WIN – WIN 🙂

Set-up and Wrap-up?

High Tide Art School will take care of the set-up (45 mins), and wrap-up (45 mins), and supply all the art supplies, easels, and aprons. We also use protective table covers and take care of the venue’s property used (table/chairs). We use Aquarel or Acrylic paints which are water-based and hence easy to clean

Total Venue Hire Duration?

It typically takes 3.5 to 4 hours, with 2 hours of painting sessions, 45 minutes to set up before the event, and 45 minutes to wrap up post the event.

Venue hire charges?

We have various venue partnership models available as we want this to be a win for both. Hence, we let our venue partners decide what model works best for them.

– Minimum bar/food sales target (e.g. $X bar and food sales per event)

– Charge per ticket (e.g. $X for every ticket sold)

– Flat venue hire rate

How many attendees are expected per event?

Depending on the venue capacity, we have around 15-50 attendees per event.

Get in touch with us to discuss further 🙂

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