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Art portfolio for college and art portfolio for graphic design programs in Teens Computer School. Saint John New Brunswick

The number of spots in Art and Design departments decreases every year. And every year the requirements for the level of applicants’ preparation are increasing. Only the best of the best are accepted. And to be among the best is very difficult.
One of the main criteria for admission is a creative art portfolio for college or Art portfolio for University.

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The Portfolio Workshop Department of Teens Computer School was created over ten years ago. His main goal is to help high school students with preparation of Art and Design portfolio for College or University.


Are you looking to apply to art college?
Are you wanting to develop your portfolio?

This portfolio preparation course is designed to help students successfully prepare for admission to the art department of colleges and universities in Canada and the USA.
Explored through the use of the sketchbook, collage, drawing, painting, sculpture, and print. This course focuses on building your confidence, thinking creatively to develop your artistic and creative flair, exploring ideas and possibilities through a visual language.

Portfolio Presentation

Presentation in the portfolio of a wide range of art projects in various techniques demonstrates the student’s readiness and interest in the future specialty in the field of art. There is an endless range of possibilities when it comes to patterns in the portfolio.

Diverse project

College Admissions officers will not be happy to see twenty of your self-portraits in your portfolio. Showing a large number of diverse projects in your portfolio, you send a message that you do not want to try new techniques and topics and do not like to experiment. This, of course, will not add you points.

Intensive and serious experience

The Pre-College Art Portfolio Preparation Course is an intensive experience in art that is offered during a week at night or on Saturdays in both the fall and spring semesters for Saint John high school students looking to prepare their art portfolios for the college admissions process.

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Key topics and subjects in the Teens computer school portfolio preparation course

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Course Benefits

This pre-college art course includes observational drawing, design, composition, color theory, and issues surrounding the making of art. Although this art course is primarily focused on observational drawing and painting, mixed media compositions, photography, and other media may be explored.

Course Benefits

This pre-college art course is designed to help students develop a strong foundation of skills, develop professional work habits and create a portfolio suitable for college admission.

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Classes at the Portfolio Workshop Department takes place all year 2 to 3 times a week and provides students with such a high level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills for Art portfolio for college preparation in drawing, painting, graphic design, animation that allows them to easily get around all competitors and be accepted to their chosen artistic specialties.

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