Web Designer`s Assistant Diploma program. 15 – 18 years old


Web Design course for high school students

During this course students will learn not only how to design the entire page in Photoshop and transfer to HTML but how to use “pure” HTML and CSS, the code behind all websites, to create a finished professional design.

udents will learn:

  • Learn how to effectively plan a new web project, from business to the final web site.
  • Create your first clean simple web page design using Adobe Photoshop and transfer a new design to HTML
  • Student`s professional website will be created using the award-winning Adobe Dreamweaver
  • After just the beginner course students will be creating HTML and WordPress websites using a to a professional standard.



  • 12 weeks (one hour, one time per week)

Cost of the program:

  • $59.00 +HST per one week.
  • A number of students:
  • ( small group 5 – 7 kids)

Night or Weekends Classes

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