What to Expect during events

What to Expect (for First Timers)

WWhen you arrive you will need to sign in with the artist or assistant who will be clearly identified by their aprons, then you can pick a seat by grabbing a canvas and an easel and placing them on an empty spot (one without a canvas/apron). You can expect music, all the painting supplies you need, a friendly and trained host, and some good snack and wine! (snack and drink up to 3 glasses of wine are included in ticket price).

The host/artist will walk you through the painting you chose to attend step by step, but you are also encouraged to be creative and adventurous so don’t hesitate to change anything you like to suit your own vision!

The workshops are all 2.5 hours long and most typically have a short break halfway through. The only thing you need to bring is appropriate clothing, proof of event ticket purchase, and a smile!

We are really excited you will be joining us for an evening of fun at High Tide Art School. The session is all about having fun and letting out some creative energy.

Remember to wear paint friendly clothes, bring your session payment confirmation and arrive a little earlier than the start time.

What to Bring

  • Your creative spirit and laughter!
  • Your friends!
  • Your family!
  • Your phone to snap some selfies!

What is Provided at each Workshop?

  • Paint Apron
  • Numbered Brushes (easy to figure out which one to use)
  • Easel
  • Canvas
  • Paint
  • Music (80’s, 90’s, party tunes)!

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