Art & Wine Painting Parties. Choose your project!

Art & Wine Painting Parties

It will be a great idea to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, college graduation, or another important date at our Wine & Arts event.
Or you can just meet up with friends you haven’t seen for a long time and spend an evening together. An excellent evening that everyone will remember for a long time.
And don’t forget! You’ll bring home a great picture, test a great wine, and listen to great music.

If you want to organize a family painting party, just follow a few steps to get ready

Find out how many are interested. You can invite your friends and relatives who love art and want to create a real masterpiece in just two to three hours. 

After that, decide which day of the week suits you best and what time, and contact us, or fill out the registration form at this link.

Choose from our themes below (something that everyone will like and find fun). Check out the gallery of projects you can choose from and tell us the number of your favorite project (something that you and everyone will like and find fun).

Each of your guests can also choose their own project. In this case, you must tell us the quantity of each project.

If you and or your friends prefer beer over wine, no problem! We will hold an Art and Beer event just for you! (Keep in mind that strong alcohol does not participate in our events).

Do you know what paints or brushes you need? No problem – we provide all the necessary art materials.

Read our Art and Wine events policies here

After receiving information from you, we will calculate everything necessary and inform you of the cost of this event.

Choose your project from our themes

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