Art school for kids, teens and adults in Saint John NB

Art classes for kids in Saint John New Brunswick

Are you typing in Google “art classes for kids near me”, “drawing classes near me”, “painting classes for kids near me”, or “art lessons near me”? Are you looking for Art classes for kids and teens in Saint John NB?

Stop your search now!

At High Tide Art School, we offer classes for kids ages 5 yrs to teens and for adults.
Our outstanding Visual arts program is the cornerstone of our High Tide Art School. Children are naturally creative and derive much pleasure from involvement in creative arts. They learn a host of skills and acquire tremendous self-esteem when given varied opportunities to create.
Our students use a wide array of art media including acrylic, oil, and water paints, chalk and oil pastels, crayons, markers, wire, clay, and recycled art materials.
We specialize in engaging children in open-ended art experiences that inspire their creativity and ignite their sense of wonder about the world. Children develop aesthetic preferences as they engage freely with materials such as paper, paints, crayons, markers, pens, wire, and clay.

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