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Fashion and costume design “Art in the Box” + personal Online Art Studio course.
Create your own Fashion Collection!

Welcome to High Tide Art School and our unique Fashion and Costume design “ART IN A BOX”  for kids and teens 10- 18 years old. We invite students from all over the world.

In our High Tide Art School, we believe that it is never too early to take the first steps towards mastering the creative profession of a fashion designer.  We invite everyone to our unique “Art in a Box” Fashion and Costume Design Course for beginners.

If you are 8 – 12 years old and interested in modern fashion if you want to dress beautifully and dream of becoming a Fashion designer, then this course “Fashion and Costume Design course” is for you.

We make the process of studying at an Art school for you as easy as possible! We send you all your art supplies, paints, brushes, paper, and personalized study materials straight from Canada! To any state of America, to any province of Canada, to any country in the world!

 Established in 1995, HIGH TIDE ART SCHOOL creative art enrichment programs and learning methodology have been “run” and has proved that it is effective.

What Inside the Box

Who this course is for:

TThis is a course for children and teenagers who love art, especially fashion design and costume design. 

This course for kids and teens from all over the world and designed to give students a wide range of knowledge in the field of modern fashion, clothing, and costume design, cutting and sewing techniques, design techniques for clothing models and introduction to the process of preparing their own fashion collection.
It was developed by fashion design professionals and focuses on the following areas:

  • fabric and textile studies;
  • rhythmic and proportional structure of the costume;
  • costume color;
  • sewing techniques
  • industry-standard fashion computer applications.
  • fundamental visual presentation;
  • fundamental creative decision;
  • fundamental set and collection design;
  • sleeve tailoring;

Through class projects, students will study composition fundamentals and examine historic and national costumes as examples of Applied Arts, as well as many other subjects related to the modern fashion industry.

Start time:

YYou can start the course at any time. Just sign up, choose a subscription plan, receive your Art in a box, and start learning. If something does not work out, go to your personal online Art studio. You can ask a question to the teacher and quickly get an answer, you can print additional exercises from your office and complete them, you can watch the video lesson recorded for you. And you can register for a free Live stream lesson in our class in Canada and do some projects with your teacher. After that, everything will be easy and you will succeed, for sure!

How Art in the Box Works

Aall course materials are posted in each student’s Online Art Studio. Each student receives a login and passport for his Online Art Studio after registering for the course. There they can watch a video tutorial on the same topic as in the box you received in the mail. There are lessons in art history. You can watch these lessons and answer the questions. There they can also select and print exercises on the topic being studied and from you Art Studio they can ask a question to the teacher and quickly get an answer.

Choose your subscription

Choose the best subscription plan – monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month – that suits your lifestyle.
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Receive your Art in a Box

Your first Art in a Box, containing 4 themed art activities, all the materials you need, and easy-to-follow instructions, will be delivered to your home during the next 1 -2 weeks. Get a new theme every month.

What Inside the Box

Have fun!

Dig in and enjoy! Our fun and educational art lessons and activities are perfect for kids to do at home with parents and helpers.
Ask your teacher a question, print out additional exercises, and do them.

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Certificate of Course Completion

Upon completion of a course, a Certificate will be issued. A course completion certificate says students attended all the classes required, pass all the tests required, and handed in all the work required.

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Module 1. An Introduction to Fashion Illustration & Color Techniques

Individuality is the starting point for all fashion design: Students learn how to identify their own personal style as they learn how to open up their creative channels. Students learn to draw the human body and to draw clothing inspired by their selected personal style. They will explore ‘rule-breaking’ with color and tone. Then, they will sketch out their chosen garment and accessory, with attention to detail including; color, fabric & trims. Finally, students create a fashion name and logo for their new fashion identity and take home a finished, framed fashion illustration.
Also in this Module:
  • Adobe Illustrator for Fashion
  • Color and Design
  • Fashion Illustration and Design

Module 2. An Introduction to Fashion Design and Garment Construction

Students learn how to create their own designs from conception to construction. After an introduction to Fashion Design and Illustration, students create Mood Boards and will learn how to sketch their own fashion garments. Then students will learn how to cut & construct their designs with guidance on basic sewing and fabric & trim selection. By the end of the course these budding, young designers will get to show off their work to parents at Teens Computer School mini fashion show and take home a unique item of clothing designed and made by them. Each program concentrates on various items of clothing so that students are able to sign up for additional classes and learn something new each time.
Also in this Module:

  • Draping for Fashion Design;
  • Elements of Design in Fashion;
  • Evolution of Fashion;
  • Fashion Form and Image


Module 3. Accessory Design

BBe like Lulu Guinness and design unique bags and purses, or how about making fancy Fascinators fit for the ‘Races’? Belts, Anklets and Wristlets and more as students delve into the delicious world of accessories. Students will select the accessory of their choice and after sketching and selecting materials, go to work creating a fun, fabulous, unique accessory to take home.

Module 4. Let’s create something new and unique!

This is more than ‘make do & mend’! This program will make Dame Vivienne and Gok Wan proud as students turn tired and used clothing into ‘wow factor’ unique walking works of art. With slightly less focus on technique and more on style and creativity, students explore the world of special effects and embellishment as they turn those old wardrobe pieces into something new and unique.

Also in this Module

  • Fashion Business Fundamentals
  • Fashion Styling
  • Introduction to the Fashion Industry

Module 5. Intermediate Fashion Design & Special Techniques

FFor those interested in a more in-depth course or older age groups: This module includes a more advanced course, with fashion illustration, mood boards, pattern cutting, textile study, special techniques & embellishments, advanced sewing techniques and more. They will plan how they will cut and stitch their favorite designs into a garment and learn how to list the ’step by step’ instructions.

Also in this Module:

  • Pattern Drafting 1
  • Pattern Drafting 2
  • Pattern Drafting for Menswear


Schedule & Tuition

1 “Art in a Box” package per month.

  4 color tutorials ( 1 for each week of the month ) with step-by-step easy to follow explanation.
4 video lessons in studen`t personal online Art Studio. ( 1 video lesson for each week).
4 sets of exercise ( 1 set for each week).

  1 one hour Live Stream Art lesson in our school class in Canada. (Recommendedbut not required).

  Tuition fee – $159.00 per one month. ( including shipping ). Month By Month subscription

Tuition fee – $139.00 per one month. ( including shipping ).
Month subscription

  Tuition fee – $129.00 per one month. ( including shipping ).
Month subscription

Tuition fee – $119.00 per one month. ( including shipping ).
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